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نرم افزار بانک اطلاعاتی قطعات کوماتسو Komatsu LinkOne Construction (کد محصول: MCHS036)
نرم افزار بانک اطلاعاتی قطعات کوماتسو Komatsu LinkOne Construction
0 تومان
موجودی انبار [ 1 ] تحویل -
بازدیدها: 22910

نرم افزار بانک اطلاعاتی قطعات کوماتسو Komatsu LinkOne Construction شامل کد فنی  یا همان شماره فنی تمامی قطعات ماشین آلات کوماتسو (بیل مکانیکی - تجهیزات راه سازی - لودر - بولدوزر ) بهترین نرم افزار جهت پیدا کردن کد فنی (شماره فنی)و پارت نامبرهای مربوط به هر قطعه باضافه موقعیت قرار گیری قطعه .

این مجموعه که در 2 دی وی دی فشرده شده ارائه می شود.

جهت دریافت قیمت و سفارش این محصول لطفا با شماره 09120146259 تماس حاصل فرمایید.

لیست قطعات کوماتسو - شماره فنی قطعات کوماتسو - نرم افزار Komatsu LinkOne Construction - قطعه یابی Komatsu LinkOne Construction- پارت نامبرکوماتسو لینک وان  - شماره فنی کوماتسو- کاتالوگ کوماتسو- کد شناسایی کوماتسو -Part number epc komatsu- کد شاسی کوماتسو- vin کوماتسو نرم افزار - شماره فنی کوماتسو - پیدا کردن مشخصات کوماتسو



لیست قطعات کوماتسو - شماره فنی قطعات کوماتسو - نرم افزار Komatsu LinkOne Construction - قطعه یابی Komatsu LinkOne Construction- پارت نامبرکوماتسو لینک وان - شماره فنی کوماتسو- کاتالوگ کوماتسو- کد شناسایی کوماتسو -Part number epc komatsu- کد شاسی کوماتسو- vin کوماتسو نرم افزار - شماره فنی کوماتسو - پیدا کردن مشخصات کوماتسولیست قطعات کوماتسو - شماره فنی قطعات کوماتسو - نرم افزار Komatsu LinkOne Construction - قطعه یابی Komatsu LinkOne Construction- پارت نامبرکوماتسو لینک وان  - شماره فنی کوماتسو- کاتالوگ کوماتسو- کد شناسایی کوماتسو -Part number epc komatsu- کد شاسی کوماتسو- vin کوماتسو نرم افزار - شماره فنی کوماتسو - پیدا کردن مشخصات کوماتسو

Presented for sale electronic catalog of spare parts Komatsu Mining is a spare parts manual, which contains detailed technical information on the specifications of spare parts and accessories, parts books, spare parts management, instruction manuals for the mining equipment of company Komatsu.
Interface of program Komatsu Mining is simple to use, the program runs on 1 DVD, and supports English. If necessary, can work with the program after a full install it on your hard disk.
By installing an electronic catalog Komatsu Mining the user gets access to quickly and accurately search parts by name, serial number, abbreviated VIN.
Spare parts catalog Komatsu Mining contains integrated lists with an internal accounting system, saving time and reducing the number of possible errors.

Online catalog Komatsu Mining contains information on spare parts for these models of equipment:

330M S/N 24120-24415, 24421-24448, 24452, 24474(BFP41-A to BFP41-BK),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
330M S/N 24416 & 24449-24451 & 24453-24473 & 24475-24489 & 24490-24540 & 24548-24550 & 24561 (BFP41-BL to BFP41-CL),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
330M S/N 24541-24560 & 24562-24605 (BFP41-CM to BFP41-DA),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
330M S/N A10190-A10195 (DH637) (SA12V140Z-1),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
330M S/N A10196-A10211 (DH641) (SA12V140Z-1),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
330M S/N A10212-UP (DH643) (SA12V140Z-1),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
330M SA12V140Z-1 Engine,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AA 830E S/N 31807 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AC 830E FORDING SYNCRUDE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AE 830E S/N 31886 - 31889, 31892 - 31893 & 31902 - 31903 DISPUTADA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AK 830E FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AN 830E S/N 31952 & 31953 DISPUTADA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AP 830E WESTERN GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AR 830E WESTERN GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-AV 830E S/N 31975 & 31976 DISPUTADA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BA 830E ARCH MINERAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BD 830E ARCH MINERAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BE 830E S/N 32019 & 32123-32129 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BF 830E S/N 32096 - 32102 & 32135 - 32139 ESCONDIDA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BG 830E FORDING GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BH 830E S/N 32146-32148 & 32156-32157 CYPRUS STARFIRE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BJ 830E S/N 32114,32170,32196-7,32216 CANANEA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BL 830E FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BM/BR 830E ARCH MINERALS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BN 830E S/N 32222-32223 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BU/BX 830E ZALDIVAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BV 830E S/N 32274-32277 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-BW 830E S/N 32269 CYPRUS STARFIRE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CD 830E ELKVIEW,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CE 830E S/N 32326-32328 WESTERN COLLERIES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CJ 830E ARCH MINERAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CM 830E SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CP/CR/CS 830E S/N 32352 & 32360 & 32378-32380 ARCH MINERAL-RUFFNER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CV 830E HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CW 830E GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CX 830E CVRD,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-CZ 830E ELKVIEW,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DA 830E S/N 32414, 32415, 32429, 32435, 32437 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DB 830E S/N 32422-32425, 32428, 32434, 32436, 32438-41, 32463-4, 32479-81 MAGMA ROBINSON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DC 830E S/N 32426-32427 & 32457-32459 & 32484 ASARCO MISSION,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DF 830E FORDING COAL MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DG 830E GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DH 830E FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DJ 830E ELKVIEW,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DK 830E S/N 32492 & 32497-32499 & 32503-32505 & 32507 & 32521-32523 & 32528-32529 PIPELINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DL 830E S/N 32524-32527 & 32493-32496 MEXICANA DE COBRE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DN/DQ 830E S/N 32461-32462 & 32465-32466 R.W. MILLER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DR 830E QUINTETTE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DS 830E S/N 32546 & 32553-32557 R.W. MILLER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DV 830E S/N 32575, 32593-32596, 32601, 32606 & 32607 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DW 830E COLLAHUASI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DX 830E S/N 32617 PIPELINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-DY 830E S/N 32610 & 32618-32619 & 32623-32624 & 32633 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EA 830E S/N 32621 PIPELINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EB 830E S/N 32629-32630 & 32638 & 32648 ERNEST HENRY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-ED 830E COLLAHUASI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EE 830E FORDING GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EH 830E S/N 32677, 32678, 32692, 32693, 32697, 32709, 32752, 32756 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EJ 830E S/N 32681 HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EK 830E S/N 32696 ERNEST HENRY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EL 830E S/N 32695 WESTERN COLLERIES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EM 830E S/N 32705-32706 & 32711 & 32719-32725 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EN 830E S/N 32707-32708 & 32742 ASARCO MISSION,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-ES 830E S/N 32736 NS KOMATSU,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-ET 830E COLLAHUASI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EW 830E S/N 32753 & 32757 BHP ROBINSON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EY 830E S/N 32780-32782, 32798-32800, 32808, & 32824-32825 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-EZ 830E COLLAHUASI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-FA 830E COLLAHUASI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-N 830E S/N 31633-31636 & 31650 NEWLANDS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-Q 830E S/N 31662-31663 & 31692-31693 COAL & ALLIED,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE32-U 830E S/N GF31730 SAXONVALE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE36-N 170D HAULPAK TRUCK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE37-AT 630E TILDEN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE39-Q 445E S/N 32204-32206 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE39-U 445E S/N A511001-A511044 BEML,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE42-AC 630E S/N A31439-A31441 KAL PTY LTD,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE42-T 630E S/N 32603 & 32659-32660 & 32670-32671 & 32686 & 32701-32702 HENRY WALKER ELTIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE43-A 685E ESCONDIDA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE43-AD 685E ARCH MINERAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE43-AJ 685E S/N 32056, 32057, 32066 & 32067 JWANENG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE43-AQ 685E S/N 32261 & 32262 JWANENG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE43-AX 685E S/N 32363, 32364 & 32371 CANDELARIA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE43-GA 685E (GAE 2191-2193, 2195-2198) GLIDER KIT - MAGNUM COAL/APOGEE MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE43-Z 685E ARCH MINERALS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE44-A 510E S/N 31682-3, 31697-9, 31712-8, 31724-5, 31734-5 COAL & ALLIED,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE46-R/S/T 630E S/N 32232-32235 & 32238-32241 ZHUNGEER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE46-U 630E S/N 32292-32295, 32341 & 32342 DEXING COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AA 730E ARCH MINERALS - CANTENARY COAL (32845),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AD 730E SISHEN (A30095 & A30098),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AE 730E ISCOR SISHEN (A30099-A30101 & A30106-A30108),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AH 730E ROSSING URANIUM (A30112-A30116),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AJ 730E S/N A30117 MASSEY & A30118 ENSHAM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AK 730E FOSKOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AM 730E S/N A30123 thru A30124 ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AN 730E S/N A30127 FOLA COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AP 730E S/N A30125, A30126, A30128, A30129 PALLADIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AQ 730E S/N A30130-A30132 PALLADIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AR 730E S/N A30133-A30137 ATB,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AS 730E S/N A30138, A30139 & A30143 ORAPA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AT 730E S/N A30140-A30142 & A30144-A30145 ANJIALING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AU 730E S/N A30146 FOLA COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AV 730E S/N A30149 JWANENG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AW 730E S/N A30147, A30148, A30150-A30163, A30166-A30171 ANJIALING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AX 730E S/N A30164-A30165 & A30174-A30176 WEST ANGELAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-AZ 730E S/N A30172-A30173 FOLA COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-B/D 730E S/N 32530-32532 & 32542-32545 & 32558-32561 MUSWELLBROOK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BA 730E S/N A30177-A30180 ANJIALING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BB 730E S/N A30181 & A30183 FOLA COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BC 730E S/N A30182 YANDICOOGINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BD 730E S/N A30184 ORAPA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BE 730E S/N A30185 & A30186 ENSHAM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BF 730E S/N A30187 N.A. PALLADIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BG 730E S/N A30192-A30193 & A30195-A30196 BANDMILL COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BH 730E S/N A30189-A30191, A30194 USX MINNESOTA ORE OPERATIONS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BJ 730E KUMBA (A30197 - A30200),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BK 730E S/N A30201-A30202, A30205-A30207 & A30210-A30211 ATB,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BL 730E S/N A30203 & A30208 YANDICOOGINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BM 730E S/N A30188 & A30204 & A30209 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BN 730E S/N A30212-A30213 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BP 730E S/N A30214-A30215 CVG - Ferrominero del Orinoco,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BQ 730E S/N A30216-A30218 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BS 730E S/N A30220-A30224 PAMA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BT 730E KUMBA (A30225 - A30226),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BU 730E S/N A30227-A30228 WEST ANGELAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BV 730E S/N A30229, A30231, A30236-A30237 CVG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BW 730E S/N A30230 & A30232-A30235 & A30238-A30242 ROBE RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BX 730E S/N A30243 - A30245 BUFFALO COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BY 730E S/N A30239 - A30242 WEST ANGELAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-BZ 730E S/N A30246-A30256 HAMMERSLEY IRON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-C 730E S/N 32562-32563 & 32583-32587 R.W. MILLER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CA 730E S/N A30257 & A30260 FOSCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CB 730E S/N A30258-A30259 & A30263 HENRY WALKER ELTON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CC 730E S/N A30261-A30262 & A30264-A30268 & A30270 GOLDING CONTRACTORS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CD 730E S/N A30269 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CE 730E S/N A30271- A30278 HENRY WALKER ELTON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CF 730E S/N A30279-A30280 FOSKOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CG 730E S/N A30281-A30284 YANDICOOGINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CH 730E S/N A30285-A30287 & A30290-A30291 & A30293-A30298 & A30301-A30303 & A30311 ALCOA - HUNTLY & WILLOWDALE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CJ 730E S/N A30288 & A30289 CVG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CK 730E S/N A30292 & A30299-A30300 & A30304-A30309 BARRICK MISQUICHILCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CM 730E S/N A30310 & A30312-A30317 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CN 730E S/N A30318-A30322 CURRAGH MINING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CP 730E S/N A30323 & A30324 LEMUEL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CQ 730E CURRAGH MINING (A30325),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CR 730E S/N A30326 HAMMERSLEY IRON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CS 730E S/N A30328 & A30329 BARRICK MISQUICHILCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CT 730E S/N A30330 & A30333 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CU 730E S/N A30327 & A30331-A30332 PANNAWANICA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CV 730E S/N A30334-A30337 PAMA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CW 730E S/N A30338-A30339 & A30343-A30344 LISBON VALLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CX 730E S/N A30340-A30342 & A30345-A30350 PAMA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CY 730E S/N A30351 BARRICK MISQUICHILCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-CZ 730E S/N A30352-A30354 & A30356-A30357 ZHUNGEER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DA 730E S/N A30355 KUMBA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DB 730E S/N A30358-A30359 PAMA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DC 730E S/N A30360-A30364 & A30371 & A30376-A30379 EPSA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DD 730E S/N A30365-A30366 BARRICK MISQUICHILCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DE 730E S/N A30367-A30369 PEABODY COAL - BLACK BEAUTY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DF 730E S/N A30370 & A30373-A30374 PILBARA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DG 730E S/N A30372 LOMOS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DH 730E S/N A30375 ALCOA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DJ 730E S/N A30380 & A30383-A30384 BARRICK MISQUICHILCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DK 730E S/N A30381-A30382 & A30386 PILBARA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DL 730E S/N A30385 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DM 730E S/N A30388-A30391 MCMAHON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DN 730E S/N A30392-A30393 KUMBA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DP 730E S/N A30394-A30399 MACMAHON'S MINING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DQ 730E S/N A30400-A30401 Komatsu Australia,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DR 730E S/N A30387 ALCOA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DS 730E S/N A30402 LISBON VALLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DT 730E S/N A30403 & A30406 ROSSING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DU 730E S/N A30404 - A30405, A30407 - A30408 KOMATSU AUSTRALIA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DV 730E S/N A30409 BARRICK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DW 730E S/N A30410-A30411 & A30417 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DX 730E S/N A30412-A30415 IAN BROWN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DY 730E S/N A30416 ALCOA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-DZ 730E S/N A30418-A30426 & A30429-A30430 & A30433 BGC CONTRACTORS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-E 730E S/N 32588-32591 & 32612-32613 & 32625-32639 ISCOR SISHEN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EA 730E S/N A30427 & A30428 OCP,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EB 730E S/N A30431 - A30432 ROSSING URANIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EC 730E S/N A30434-A30436, A30438-A30439 KAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-ED 730E S/N A30437 NITTETSU,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EE 730E S/N A30440-A30444 & A30448-A30449 DEXING COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EF 730E S/N A30445 & A30446 ORAPA MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EG 730E S/N A30447 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EH 730E S/N A30450 - A30452 & A30458 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EJ 730E S/N A30453 - A30456 & A30459 OCP,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EK 730E S/N A30457 & A30465 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EL 730E S/N A30460-A30461 & A30463-A30464 & A30467-A30469 ROSSING URANIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EM 730E S/N A30462 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EP 730E S/N A30470 ANGLO MAFUBE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EQ 730E S/N A30471 - A30472 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-ER 730E S/N A30473, A30475 - A30477 ANGLO MAFUBE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-ES 730E S/N A30474 ROSSING URANIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-ET 730E S/N A30478 - A30479 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EU 730E S/N A30480 - A30482 OCP,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EV 730E S/N A30483 - A30484 KUMBA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EW 730E S/N A30466, A30485 & A30486 DEXING COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EX 730E S/N A30489 & A30490 KUMBA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EY 730E S/N A30487 & A30488 QUEBRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-EZ 730E S/N A30493 - A30496 OCP,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-F/H 730E S/N 32614-32615 AMERICAN BARRICK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FA 730E S/N A30505 - A30508 DEXING COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FB 730E S/N A30500 - A30502 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FC 730E S/N A30499, A30503 & A30504 PEACE RIVER COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FD 730E S/N A30509 - A30511 PEACE RIVER COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FE 730E S/N A30512 - A30517 ROSSING URANIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FF 730E S/N A30518 - A30520 & A30523 DARMA HENWA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FG 730E S/N A30521 - A30522 PEACE RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FH 730E S/N A30524 NITTETSU,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FJ 730E S/N A30525 - A30530 DEXING COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FK 730E S/N A30535 - A30536 A & G,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FL 730E S/N A30537 - A30538 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FM 730E S/N A30531 - A30534 RUSSIAN COPPER COMPANY (RMK),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FN 730E S/N A30539 - A30540 DARMA HENWA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FP 730E S/N A30541 - A30545 & A30550 - A30551 DARMA HENWA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FQ 730E S/N A30546 - A30549 ROSSING URANIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FR 730E S/N A30552 - A30554 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FS 730E S/N A30555 - A30557 STOKVIS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FT 730E S/N A30558, A30559 & A30564 WESFARMERS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FV 730E S/N A30560 - A30563 ARCH COAL MAC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FW 730E S/N A30567 & A30570 GOLDINGS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-FZ 730E S/N A30565, A30566, A30568, A30569, A30571, A30572, A30574, A30575 & A30580 KUMBA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-G/L 730E S/N 32626-32627 & 32644-32647 & 32654-32657 ZCCM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GA 730E S/N A30576 - A30579 FOSKOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GB 730E S/N A30573, A30581 - A30583 BAYOVAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GC 730E S/N A30584 HYCROFT MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GD 730E S/N A30585-A30588, A30592-A30593, A30597-A30599 BAYOVAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GE 730E S/N A30589 OCP,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GF 730E S/N A30590 - A30591 & A30594 - A30596 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GG 730E S/N A30600-A30601 & A30604-A30605 ROSSING (Trolley),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GH 730E S/N A30602 LOMAS BAYAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GJ 730E S/N A30603, A30610 - A30616 & A30621 KUMBA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GK 730E S/N A30606 - A30609 BAYOVAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GL 730E S/N A30617 - A30619 ROSSING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-GM 730E S/N A30620, A30622 - A30625 WESFARMERS - CURRAGH MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-J/N 730E S/N 32642-32643 & 32675 & 32682 & 32689 ROSSING URANIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-K/M 730E S/N 32640-32641 & 32683 ISCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-P 730E S/N 32684 ISCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-Q 730E S/N 32691 ROSSING URANIUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-R 730E S/N 32690, 32716-32717 & 32734 FOSCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-S 730E S/N 32743 & 32796 ISCOR GROOTEGELUK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-T 730E S/N 32744-32746 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-V 730E S/N 32795 & 32797 ISCOR GROOTEGELUK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-W 730E S/N 32806-32807 & 32817-32819 & 32821 & 32823 & 32834 ISCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-X 730E S/N 32820 & 32835-32836 FOSCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-Y 730E S/N 32822 JWANENG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE47-Z 730E S/N A30079-A30086 & A30088-A30089 ISCOR GROOTEGELUK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-A 930E S/N 32604 FORDING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AA/AE 930E S/N A30069-A30071 A.T.MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AB 930E S/N A30073-A30075 & A30079 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AC 930E S/N A30076-A30078 & A30080 SYNCRUDE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AD 930E S/N A30083-A30085 SYNCRUDE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AF 930E S/N A30086-A30091 & A30093-A30095 ASARCO MISSION,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AG 930E S/N A30092 MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AH 930E S/N A30103 & A30108-A30110 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AK 930E S/N A30096-A30097 BLACK THUNDER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AL 930E S/N A30111 MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AM 930E S/N A30112 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AN 930E S/N A30114 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AP 930E S/N A30116 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AQ 930E S/N A30120 MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AR 930E S/N A30115 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AS 930E S/N A30119 ASARCO MISSION,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AT 930E-2 S/N A30122-A30127 & A30130 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AU 930E-2 S/N A30098 & A30100 BARRICK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AV 930E-2 S/N A30128 BINGHAM CANYON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AW 930E-2 S/N A30129 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AX 930E S/N A30101-A30102 & A30104-A30106 TRITON COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AY 930E-2 S/N A30131 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AZ 930E-2 S/N A30132-A30136 BARRICK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-B/C 930E S/N 32605 & 32616 MINE EXPO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BA 930E S/N A30107 & A30113 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BB 930E-2 S/N A30137-A30141 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BC 930E S/N A30117-A30118 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BD 930E-2 S/N A30142-A30147, A30149 & A30151-A30153 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BE 930E S/N A30148 & A30154 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BF 930E-2 S/N A30012 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BG 930E-2 S/N A30121 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BH 930E-2 S/N A30155 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BJ 930E-2 S/N A30156 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BK 930E-2 S/N A30157 THRU A30158 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BL 930E-2 S/N A30159 & A30160 CORTEZ GOLD,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BM 930E-2 S/N A30161 THRU A30163 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BN 930E-2 S/N A30164 A.T.MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BP 930E-2 S/N A30165 AND A30168 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BQ 930E-2 S/N A30167 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BR 930E-2 S/N A30169 THRU A30170 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BS 930E-2 S/N A30176 TRITON COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BT 930E-2 S/N A30175 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BU 930E-2 S/N A30173 & A30174 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BV 930E-2 S/N A30177, A30178, A30179 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BW 930E-2 S/N A30180 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BX 930E-2 S/N A30166 & A30172 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BY 930E-2 SUNCOR (A30181, 182, 184, & 185),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BZ 930E-2 S/N A30186-A30188 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CA 930E-2se S/N A30183 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CC 930E-2 S/N A30202-A30203,A30206,A30209-A30215 & A30219 BARRICK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CD 930E-2 S/N A30204 & A30205 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CE 930E-2 S/N A30207-A30208 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CF 930E-2 S/N A30220 - A30224 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CG 930E-2 S/N A30216 - A30218 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CH 930E-2 S/N A30226 TRITON COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CJ/CR 930E-2 S/N A30230 - A30232 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CK 930E-2 S/N A30225 JACOB'S RANCH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CL 930E-2 S/N A30234 JACOBS RANCH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CM 930E-2 S/N A30235-A30237 & A30240-A30242 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CN/CP 930E-2 S/N A30233, A30238-239, A30243-245 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CQ 930E-2 S/N A30246-A30249 & A30253-A30254 BHP BLACKWATER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CS 930E-2 S/N A30250 & A30251 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CT 930E-2 S/N A30252 FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CU 930E-2 S/N A30255 & A30256 BHP BLACKWATER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CV 930E-2 S/N A30257-A30260 & A30262-A30264 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CW 930E-2 S/N A30261 FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CX 930E-2 S/N A30265 BHP BLACKWATER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CY 930E-2 S/N A30266 & A30267 ARCH COAL BLACKTHUNDER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CZ 930E-2 S/N A30268 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-D 930E S/N 32658 & 32672 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DA 930E-2 S/N A30269 TRANSWEST,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DB/DC 930E-2 S/N A30270-A30273 & A30276-A30279 BHP GOONYELLA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DD 930E-2 S/N A30274-A30275 & A30282 FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DE 930E-2 S/N A30281 BULGA COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DF 930E-2 S/N A30284 BHP GOONYELLA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DG 930E-2 S/N A30285 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DH 930E-2 S/N A30280 and A30283 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DJ 930E S/N A30286-A30287 ARCH BLACKTHUNDER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DL 930E-2 S/N A30288-A30290 LOS PELAMBRES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DM 930E-2 S/N A30291 SUNCOR ENERGY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DN 930E-2 S/N A30293 & A30295 SUNCOR ENERGY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DP 930E-2 S/N A30298 & A30299 TRANSALTA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DQ 930E-2 S/N A30292 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DR 930E-2 S/N A30296 & A30297 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DS 930E-2 S/N A30300 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DT 930E-2 S/N A30301-A30303 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-E 930E S/N 32673 PEABODY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-F 930E S/N 32674 PIPELINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-GA 930E S/N GAE2229, GAE2231, GAE2233-GAE2234 & GAE2236-GAE2241 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-H/J 930E S/N 32685 & 32704 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-K 930E S/N 32788-32789 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-L 930E S/N A30019 & A30026 SYNCRUDE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-M 930E S/N 32803, 32811 & 32812 MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-N 930E S/N 32814 & 32815 MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-P/R 930E S/N A30027-A30030 CHINO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-S/T 930E S/N A30031-30033 & A30038-A30039 CHINO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-U 930E S/N A30034-A30037, A30040-A30048 & A30060 MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-V 930E S/N 32816 & 32837 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-W 930E S/N A30049 ARCO COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-X 930E S/N A30052-A30058 & A30065-A30066 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-Y/Z 930E S/N A30059, A30061-A30064, & A30067 FREEPORT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-2 D/C DRIVE BOOK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-A/B 830E S/N A30544-A30549 ST. BARBARA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AA 830E S/N A30624 COTEAU,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AB 830E S/N A30625-A30627 IOCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AC 830E S/N A30628 & A30629 IOCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AD 830E S/N A30574 IOCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AE 830E S/N A30630-A30634 & A30637-A30640 IOCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AF 830E S/N A30635 & A30636 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AG 830E S/N A30641 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AH 830E S/N A30642-A30643 TRITON COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AJ 830E S/N A30644-A30645 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AK 830E S/N A30646 & A30647 CORDERO ROJO MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AL 830E S/N A30648-A30649 TRITON COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AM 830E S/N A30650-A30651 JACOB'S RANCH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AN 830E S/N A30652-A30658 DIAVIK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AP 830E S/N A30659-A30660 CORDERO ROJO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AQ 830E S/N A30661 & A30663-A30665 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AR 830E S/N A30666-A30673 WAMBO COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AS 830E S/N A30674-A30676 COAL & ALLIED,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AT 830E S/N A30662 COAL & ALLIED (RT/HVO),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AU 830E S/N A30677-A30681 & A30683 ANTELOPE COAL/JACOB'S RANCH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AV 830E S/N A30682 DIAVIK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AW 830E S/N A30684-A30685 CORDERO ROJO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AX 830E S/N A30686-A30688 JACOB'S RANCH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AY 830E S/N A30689-A30692 & A30695-A30696 JACOB'S RANCH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AZ 830E S/N A30693-A30694 COLOWYO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BA 830E S/N A30697 COAL & ALLIED,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BB 830E S/N A30698-A30699 ARCH BLACK THUNDER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BC 830E S/N A30700-A30701 HAMMERSLEY IRON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BD 830E S/N A30702 - A30705 JACOBS RANCH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BE 830E S/N A30706-A30708 DIAVIK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BF/BH 830E S/N A30709 & A30717-A30718 WEST ANGELAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BG 830E S/N A30710-A30716 & A30719-A30721 & A30727 C.V.R.D.,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BJ 830E S/N A30722 - A30726 PASMINCO CENTURY ZINC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BK 830E S/N A30728 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BL 830E S/N A30729-A30732 HAMMERSLEY IRON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BM 830E S/N A30733-A30736 ARCH COAL MAC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BN 830E S/N A30737-A30740 WEST ANGELAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BP 830E S/N A30741-A30745 HAMERSLEY IRON - TOM PRICE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BQ 830E S/N A30746 & A30747 ROBE RIVER - WEST ANGELAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BR 830E S/N A30748-A30752 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BS 830E S/N A30753-A30756 & A30758 & A30761-A30764 CVRD,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BT 830E S/N A30757 & A30759-A30760 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BU 830E S/N A30765-A30766 & A30770 CORDERO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BV 830E S/N A30767-A30769 & A30772-A30776 CODELCO MINA SUR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BW 830E S/N A30771 & A30778 I.O.C.C.,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BX 830E S/N A30779 & A30785-A30788 & A30791-A30795 CODELCO MINA SUR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BY 830E S/N A30777 & A30780 & A30782 & A30784 & A30790 & A30799 YAKUTUGOL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BZ 830E S/N A30781 & A30783 & A30789 CORDERO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-C 830E A30550-A30554 ASARCO RAY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CA 830E S/N A30796 I.O.C.C.,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CB 830E S/N A30797-A30798 & A30801 APPALACHIAN FUELS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CC 830E S/N A30800 & A30803 & A30805-A30810 E.V.C.C. - ELKVIEW COAL/GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CD 830E S/N A30804 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CE 830E S/N A30811-A30814 EPSA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CF 830E S/N A30815 GROUPO MEXICO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CG 830E S/N A30816-A30817 & A30822-A30823 EPSA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CH 830E S/N A30818-A30819 & A30821 & A30826-A30830 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CJ 830E S/N A30820 & A30824 & A30831 GROUPO MEXICO - CANANEA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CK 830E S/N A30825 APPALACHIAN FUEL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CL 830E S/N A30832-A30835 ARCH COAL MAC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CM 830E S/N A30836-A30840 COAL & ALLIED,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CN 830E S/N A30841 WEST ANGELAS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CP 830E S/N A30842-A30844 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CQ 830E S/N A30845 COLOWYO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CR 830E S/N A30846 - A30847 & A30864 I.O.C.C.,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CS 830E S/N A30848, 851, 856, 866-870 & 872-875 ZINIFEX,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CT 830E S/N A30849-A30850 & A30854 COAL & ALLIED,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CU 830E S/N A30852 - A30853, A30855, A30857 - A30858 HAIL CREEK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CV 830E S/N A30859 - A30863 DE COBRE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CW 830E S/N A30865 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CX 830E S/N A30871 I.O.C.C.,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CY 830E S/N A30876 - A30879 KOMATSU AUSTRALIA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CZ 830E S/N A30886 I.O.C.C.,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-D 830E S/N A30555 KERR MCGEE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-DA 830E S/N A30880 - A30885, A30887 ELK VALLEY COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-DB 830E S/N A30888 - A30890 YAKUTUGOL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-DC 830E S/N A30802 MISSION,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-E 830E S/N A30556-A30561 & A30564 ROCHE BROS.,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-F 830E S/N A30565-A30569 KENNECOTT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-G/H 830E S/N A30570-A30573, A30575-A30583 & A30586-A30588 LOS PELAMBRES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-GB 830E S/N GAE2145-GAE2154 & GAE2156-GAE2165 ARCH MINERAL GLIDER KIT AK4979,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-GC 830E S/N GAE2170 & GAE2173 & GAE2175 & GAE2177 GLIDER KIT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-J 830E S/N 32710 & 32738 & 32740 CENTURY ZINC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-K 830E S/N A30600-A30606 YAKUTUGOL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-L/M 830E S/N A30584-A30585 & A30589-A30592 BINGHAM CANYON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-N 830E S/N A30593-A30595 BINGHAM CANYON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-P 830E S/N A30596-A30598 CENTURY ZINC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-Q 830E S/N A30599 BINGHAM CANYON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-R 830E S/N A30609-A30610 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-S 830E S/N A30607-A30608 CORDERO ROJO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-T 830E S/N A30611 CENTURY ZINC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-U 830E S/N A30617-A30618 COLLAHUASI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-V 830E S/N A30612-A30614 ERNEST HENRY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-W 830E S/N A30615 - A30616 COPPABELLA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-X 830E S/N A30619 COPPABELLA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-Y 830E S/N A30622-A30623 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-Z 830E S/N A30620 & A30621 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE51-B 960E-1 S/N A30003 - A30024 KOMATSU 960E-1,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE51-C 960E-1 S/N A30025 - A30026 HAIL CREEK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-A 930E-3 S/N A30304 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AB 930E-3 S/N A30387-A30388 & A30391 & A30393 & A30397-A30398 & A30401 CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AC 930E-3 S/N A30400 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AD 930E-3 S/N A30402 ARCH BLACK THUNDER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AE 930E-3 S/N A30404 & A30409 FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AF 930E-3 S/N A30403 & A30405 & A30408 GROUPO MEXICO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AG 930E-3 S/N A30410 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AH 930E-3 S/N A30411-A30412 TRANSWEST,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AJ 930E-3 S/N A30413-A30415 & A30424-A30425 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AK 930E-3 S/N A30416-A30417 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AL 930E-3 WAMBO COAL (A30418 - A30422),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AM 930E-3 S/N A30423 & A30426-A30427 CANANEA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AN 930E-3 S/N A30406-A30407 TRANSALTA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AP 930E-3 S/N A30428-A30430 & A30437 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AQ 930E-3 S/N A30431-A30433 & A30435 & A30452-A30453 & A30458 LOS PELAMBRES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AR 930E-3 S/N A30434 & A30441 CANANEA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AS 930E-3 S/N A30436 & A30438-A30440 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AT 930E-3 S/N A30442-A30444 BARRICK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AU 930E-3 S/N A30445 - A30449, A30451, A30459 - A30461 CODELCO GABY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AV 930E-3 S/N A30450, A30454 - A30457 LOS BRONCES MINERA ANDES SUR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-B 930E-3 S/N A30305 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-C 930E-3 S/N A30306-A30311 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-D 930E-3 S/N A30312 - A30315 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-E 930E-3 S/N A30316-A30317 & A30320-A30321 & A30323-A30328 GROUPO MEXICO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-F 930E-3 S/N A30329 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-G 930E-3 S/N A30330-A30332 & A30335 CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-H 930E-3 S/N A30333-A30334 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-J 930E-3 S/N A30336-A30340 KLEMKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-K 930E-3 S/N A30341-A30345 CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-L 930E-3 S/N A30347-A30350 FORDING ELK VALLEY COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-M 930E-3 S/N A30353 MINERA SUR ANDES - LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-N 930E-3 S/N A30354-A30357 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-P 930E-3 S/N A30358 KLEMKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-R 930E-3 S/N A30359-A30363 FORDING ELK VALLEY COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-S 930E-3 S/N A30364 CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-T 930E-3 S/N A30365 & A30368 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-U 930E-3 S/N A30369 & A30372 & A30374-A30376 & A30392 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-V 930E-3 S/N A30379-A30381 & A30383 & A30385-A30386 WAMBO COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-W 930E S/N A30377 & A30384 & A30394-A30396 & A30399 Groupo Mexico-SPCC & CANANEA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-X 930E-3 S/N A30378 FORDING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE53-A 930E-3SE S/N A30171 & A30318-A30319 & A30322 BINGHAM CANYON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE53-B 930E-3SE S/N A30366-A30367 & A30370-A30371 & A30373 BINGHAM CANYON,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE53-C 930E-3SE S/N A30382 & A30389 COLLAHUASI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
"AFE57-A 830E-AC S/N A30002 & A30011 FOLA COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks"
AFE57-AA 830E-AC S/N A30106 - A30108 ELK VALLEY COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AB 830E-1AC S/N A30109-A30112, A30114-A30115, A30120, A30123, A30127 & A30139 PILBARA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AC 830E-1AC S/N A30113, A30125, A30126, A30129, A30131 & A30134 - A30136 SPRING CREEK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AD 830E-1AC S/N A30116 - A30119, A30124, A30128, A30130, A30133, A30140 - A30141 CERRO NEGRO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AE 830E-1AC S/N A30121, A30122, A30132, A30137 & A30142 - A30144 CLERMONT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AF 830E-1AC S/N A30145 - A30146 TINTAYA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AG 830E-1AC S/N A30147 & A30150 IOCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AH 830E-1AC S/N A30148, A30149, A30151 - A30154 ZALDIVAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AJ 830E-1AC S/N A30155 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AK 830E-1AC S/N A30156 - A30158 & A30161 PILBARA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AL 830E-1AC S/N A30159 & A30160 CCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AM 830E-1AC S/N A30162, A30163, A30165 - A30167, A30170 - A30173 MACARTHUR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AP 830E-AC S/N A30168 & A30169 COLOWYO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AQ 830E-1AC S/N A30174-A30176 & A30183 - A30185 HUNTER VALLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AR 830E-1AC S/N A30177 - A30180, A30188 - A30189 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AS 830E-1AC S/N A30181, A30199, A30201, A30204 - A30209 MACARTHUR/EDI DOWNER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AT 830E-1AC S/N A30182, A30186-A30187, A30191-A30193 CARDINAL RIVER / NORTH AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AU 830E-1AC S/N A30190 & A30196 CARDINAL RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AV 830E-1AC S/N A30194 - A30195 YANDICOOGINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AW 830E-1AC S/N A30197, A30198 & A30200 WEST ANGELAS / MARANDOO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AX 830E-1AC S/N A30202 - A30203 CCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AY 830E-1AC S/N A30210-A30213, A30219-A30223, A30225-A30226 & A30231-A30234 PILBARA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AZ 830E-1AC S/N A30214, A30215, A30229, A30230 & A30235 CCI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-B 830E-AC S/N A30003-A30004 & A30006-A30008 & A30014-A30017 & A30020 CVRD,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BA 830E-1AC S/N A30216 - A30218, A30227 - A30228 MEXICANA DE COBRE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BB 830E-1AC S/N A30224 HUNTER VALLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BC 830E-1AC S/N A30236 - A30239 GRANDE CACHE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BD 830E-1AC S/N A30240 - A30243 WTS - RIO TINTO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BE 830E-1AC S/N A30249, A30250, A30253, A30255, A30257-A30259, A30261 & A30263 SHENHUA ENERGY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BF 830E-1AC S/N A30244 - A30246 & A30248 GRANDE CACHE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BG 830E-1AC S/N A30247, A30251 & A30252 GENESEE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BH 830E-1AC S/N A30254, A30256, A30260 & A30264 - A30265 COLOWYO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BJ 830E-1AC S/N A30262 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BK 830E-1AC S/N A30266 - A30268 DRUMMOND,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BL 830E-1AC S/N A30269 - A30275 HUNTER VALLEY OPERATIONS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BM 830E-1AC S/N A30276 HOPE DOWNS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BN 830E-1AC S/N A30277 CCI - HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BP 830E-1AC S/N A30293 - A30297 DEXING COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BQ 830E-1AC S/N A30282-A30289, A30309-A30311 & A30319-A30322 HINDUSTAN ZINC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BR 830E-1AC S/N A30278 - A30281 FELIX RESOURCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BS 830E-1AC S/N A30290-A30292 & A30308 & A30312 & A30323-A30325 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BT 830E-1AC S/N A30298 - A30302 & A30314 - A30318 SHENHUA ENERGY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BU 830E-1AC S/N A30303 - A30306 TRAPPER MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BW 830E-1AC S/N A30307 HOPE DOWNS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BX 830E-1AC S/N A30313, A30336 - A30338 ANGLO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BY 830E-1AC S/N A30326 - A30330 DEXING COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BZ 830E-1AC S/N A30331 - A30333 HINDUSTAN ZINC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-C 830E-AC S/N A30005 & A30009-A30010 & A30012-A30013 MINERA HUASCO (CMH),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CA 830E-1AC S/N A30334-A30335 & A30339 & A30345-A30347 HAMERSLEY IRON/BROCKMAN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CB 830E-1AC S/N A30340 - A30343 FELIX RESOURCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CD 830E-1AC S/N A30348 - A30350, A30358 - A30362 & A30371 - A30373 DAWSON MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CE 830E-1AC S/N A30351 - A30354, A30363 - A30364 & A30374 - A30376 VALE - SABOLO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CF 830E-1AC S/N A30355 - A30357 BROCKMAN PILBARA & YANDICOOGINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CG 830E-1AC S/N A30365 - A30370,A30380-A30381 PILBARA & PARABURDOO & HOPE DOWNS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CH 830E-1AC S/N A30377 - A30379, A30382 - A30383, A30408 - A30412, A30426 - A30430 SHENHUA ENERGY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CJ 830E-1AC S/N A30388 - A30389 & A30397 - A30401 ANGLO COAL - DAWSON MINE & EMECO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CK 830E-1AC S/N A30403 - A30407 TARONG ENERGY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CL 830E-1AC S/N A30390 - A30392, A30439 - A30441 & A30451 COPPER MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CM 830E-1AC S/N A30384-A30387,A30393-A30396, A30413-A30417 & A30434-A30438 VALE - CARAJAS MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CN 830E-1AC S/N A30402 EMECO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CP 830E-1AC S/N A30418-A30420, A30442-A30444 & A30459-A30460 GRANDE CACHE COAL & TECK CARDINAL RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CQ 830E-1AC S/N A30421 WYODAK,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CR 830E-1AC S/N A30422-A30425 & A30446-A30449 & A30473-A30476 & A30478-A30484 & A30488-A30491 HUNTER VALLEY OPERATIONS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CS 830E-1AC S/N A30431 - A30433 & A30450 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CT 830E-1AC S/N A30445, A30454-A30458 & A30464-A30469 BAOGANG STEEL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CU 830E-1AC S/N A30452 - A30453 HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CV 830E-1AC S/N A30461 - A30463 & A30470 - A30472 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CW 830E-1AC S/N A30477, A30485 - A30487 FELIX RESOURCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CX 830E-1AC S/N A30505 - A30506 HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CY 830E-1AC S/N A30492 - A30495 EL SOLDADO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CZ 830E-1AC S/N A30500 - A30501 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-D 830E-AC A30018-A30019 & A30021 & A30023-A30027) TOM PRICE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DA 830E-1AC S/N A30496 - A30499 & A30502 ESSAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DB 830E-1AC S/N A30503 - A30504 & A30509 GRANDE CACHE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DC 830E-1AC S/N A30507 - A30508 NORTHSHORE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DD 830E-1AC S/N A30510 - A30511 QUE BRADA BLANCA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DE 830E-1AC S/N A30512 - A30515 HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DF 830E-1AC S/N A30516 - A30517 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DG 830E-1AC S/N A30518 - A30521 ESSAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DH 830E-1AC S/N A30522 GRANDE CACHE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DJ 830E-1AC S/N A30523 - A30524 YANCOAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DK 830E-1AC S/N A30525 DAWSON MINE (ANGLO),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DL 830E-1AC S/N A30526 ANGLO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DM 830E-1AC S/N A30527 - A30529 & A30544 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DN 830E-1AC S/N A30530 - A30532 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DP 830E-1AC S/N A30533 - A30534 CCI WABUSH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DQ 830E-1AC S/N A30535 - A30539 EMECO - CLERMONT MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DR 830E-1AC S/N A30540 - A30541 COAL MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DS 830E-1AC S/N A30542 - A30543 COPPER MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DT 830E-1AC S/N A30545 - A30546 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DU 830E-1AC S/N A30547 - A30549 & A30553 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DV 830E-1AC S/N A30550 ESSAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DW 830E-1AC S/N A30552 & A30558 - A30560 COPPER MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DX 830E-1AC S/N A30551 ISLA RIESCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DZ 830E-1AC S/N A30561 - A30562 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-E 830E-AC S/N A30022 CCI - WABUSH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EA 830E-1AC S/N A30563 CAP-Cerro Negro Norte,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EC 830E-1AC S/N A30565 EDI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ED 830E-1AC S/N A30566 - A30568 & A30581 & A30585 EDI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EE 830E-1AC S/N A30569-A30571, A30582-A30584, A30597-A30599 & A30606 MT. THORLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EF 830E-1AC S/N A30572 - A30574 & A30586 VALE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EG 830E-1AC S/N A30575 - A30577, A30588 & A30600 - A30603 BENGALA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EH 830E-1AC S/N A30578 - A30580 & A30607 - A30609 CERRO NEGRO NORTE - CAP,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EJ 830E-1AC S/N A30587, A30593 & A30615 - A30616 HSE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EK 830E-1AC S/N A30589 CNR WABUSH,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EL 830E-1AC S/N A30590-A30592, A30594-A30596 & A30604-A30605 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EM 830E-1AC S/N A30610 - A30611 ISLA RIESCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EN 830E-1AC S/N A30612 - A30614 CNR HIBBING TACONITE & UNITED TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EP 830E-1AC S/N A30617 - A30618 VALE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EQ 830E-1AC S/N A30619 - A30623 ISLA RIESCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ER 830E-1AC S/N A30624 - A30629 ESSAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ES 830E-1AC S/N A30630 -A30631 HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ET 830E-1AC S/N A30632 - A30633 VALE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EU 830E-1AC S/N A30634 EL SOLDADO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EV 830E-1AC S/N A30635, A30641 - A30643 MACARTHER COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EW 830E-1AC S/N A30636 DAWSON MINE (ANGLO),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EX 830E-1AC S/N A30637 - A30638 HINDUSTAN ZINC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EY 830E-1AC S/N A30639 - A30640 HUNTER VALLEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-F 830E-AC S/N A30028-A30031 & A30034-A30035 KOMATSU CHILE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-G 830E-AC S/N A30032 & A30033 CCI - HIBBING TAC & UNITED TAC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-H 830E-AC S/N A30036 - A30039 YANDICOOGINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-J 830E-AC S/N A30040-A30052 & A30056 KOMATSU AUSTRALIA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-K 830E-AC S/N A30053, A30057 - A30065 HOPE DOWNS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-L 830E-AC S/N A30054-A30055 HIBBING TACONITE & UNITED TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-M 830E-AC S/N A30066 - A30068 TOM PRICE / GRIFFIN COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-N 830E-AC S/N A30069 FOLA COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-P 830E-AC S/N A30070 ELKVIEW COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-Q 830E-1AC S/N A30072 - A30078 CARLOTA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-R 830E-AC S/N A30079 - A30083 KOMATSU AUSTRALIA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-S 830E-AC S/N A30084 GRIFFIN COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-T 830E-AC S/N A30086 - A30089 HOPE DOWNS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-U 830E-AC S/N A30085 GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-V 830E-AC S/N A30093-A30098 & A30100 & A30103 HUNTER VALLEY OPERATIONS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-W 830E-AC S/N A30099 & A30102 COLOWYO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-X 830E-AC S/N A30101 HIBBING TACONITE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-Y 830E-AC S/N A30090 - A30092 KONKOLA COPPER MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-Z 830E-AC S/N A30104 & A30105 KONKOLA COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-A 930E-4 S/N A30465 - A30466 CODELCO GABY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AA 930E-4 S/N A30564 - A30565 & A30583 - A30586 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AB 930E-4 S/N A30567 ELK VALLEY COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AC 930E-4 S/N A30574 & A30575 KLEMKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AD 930E-4 S/N A30589, A30590, A30592, A30599 & A30600 CODELCO ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AE 930E-4 S/N A30593 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AF 930E-4 S/N A30603 CODELCO ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AG 930E-4 S/N A30601, A30602, A30605 - A30607 & A30614 - A30615 SUNCOR / KLEMKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AH 930E-4 S/N A30604 GLAMIS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AJ 930E-4 S/N A30608, A30609, A30613 CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AK 930E-4 S/N A30610 - A30612 & A30616 AN TAI BAO MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AL 930E-4 S/N A30618 A.T. MASSEY,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AM 930E-4 S/N A30617 & A30619 AN TAI BAO / ANJIALING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AN 930E-4 A30622 - A30624, A30640, A30642, A30645, A30646 & A30649 ANJIALING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AP 930E-4 S/N A30625 CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AQ 930E-4 S/N A30627 CODELCO ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AR 930E-4 S/N A30629, A30631, A30634-A30636 & A30652 KLEMKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AS 930E-4 S/N A30632, A30633, A30638 & A30651 GLAMIS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AT 930E-4 S/N A30650 ARCH BLACK THUNDER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AU 930E-4 S/N A30661, A30662, A30672 & A30673 GLAMIS GOLD PENASQUITO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AV 930E-4 S/N A30657 & A30659 ELK VALLEY COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AW 930E-4 S/N A30663 - A30667 ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AX 930E-4 S/N A30653, A30656, A30658 - A30671 & A30674 ATB / ANJIALING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AY 930E-4 S/N A30675 & A30676 ESCONDIDA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-AZ 930E-4 S/N A30678 & A30679 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-B 930E-4 S/N A30462-464, 472, 477-480 & 484-487 PINGSHOU - ATB MINE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BA 930E-4 S/N A30680 - A30681 & A30688 - A30690 GLAMIS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BB 930E-4 S/N A30682, A30686 - A30687 CODELCO ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BC 930E-4 S/N A30683 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BD 930E-4 S/N A30684 - A30685 ELK VALLEY COAL/FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BE 930E-4 S/N A30691 - A30692 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BF 930E-4 S/N A30693, 699, 703, 707, 720 - 722 & 732 - 734 GLAMIS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BG 930E-4 S/N A30697, A30700 - A30702 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BH 930E-4 S/N A30696, A30717 - A30719 ELKVIEW COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BJ 930E-4 S/N A30694, A30695, A30698, A30709 & A30723 DOWNER EDI MINING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BK 930E-4 S/N A30704, A30705, A30710, A30711, A30736 & A30746 - A30748 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BL 930E-4 S/N A30708, A30724, A30730, A30731, A30735, A30740 & A30745 ANGLO PLATINUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BM 930E-4 S/N A30712 - A30714 CODELCO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BN 930E-4 S/N A30737 - A30738 & A30743 - A30744 ELKVIEW COAL/FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BP 930E-4 S/N A30750, A30793, A30808, A30819, A30820, A30822 EVCC / FORDING RIVER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BQ 930E-4 S/N A30751-752 & 754 & 759-761 & 771-773 & 782-784 & 796 & 798 & 800 & 809-810 & 812 & 832 GLAMIS GOLD,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BR 930E-4 S/N A30742 FORDING,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BS 930E-4 S/N A30757, 758, 776, 777, 788, 790, 792, 805, 806 & 813 NORTH AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BT 930E-4 S/N A30762, A30763, A30774 KLEMKE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BU 930E-4 S/N A30764, A30775, A30794, A30795 & A30818 ELKVIEW,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BV 930E-4 S/N A30765 - A30768, A30778 - A30779 & A30821 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BW 930E-4 S/N A30785, A30787, A30802-A30803, A30815-A30817, A30824, A30842 & A30847 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BX 930E-4 S/N A30823 & A30855 CODELCO ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BY 930E-4 S/N A30830, A30831 & A30833 IOCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-BZ 930E-4 S/N A30826, A30828, A30834, A30838 & A30846 ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-C 930E-4 S/N A30467 & A30468 SPCC - TOQUEPALA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CA 930E-4 S/N A30854, A30860, A30863 & A30866 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CB 930E-4 S/N A30855 ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CC 930E-4 S/N A30862, A30864 & A30865 LOS PELAMBRES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CD 930E-4 S/N A30867, A30868 & A30872 NACG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CE 930E-4 S/N A30873 & A30874 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CF 930E-4 S/N A30875 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CG 930E-4 S/N A30877 - A30878, A30889 - A30892 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CH 930E-4 S/N A30879, A30880, A30895, A30900 - A30904, A30909, A30910, A30912 & A30915 - A30921 PASCUA LAMA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CJ 930E-4 S/N A30881, A30884, A30886 & A30896 NACG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CK 930E-4 S/N A30885 LOS PELAMBRES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CL 930E-4 S/N A30887 & A30913 IOC (RIO TINTO),MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CM 930E-4 S/N A30882 & A30883 SUNCOR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CN 930E-4 S/N A30893 & A30894 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CP 930E-4 S/N A30897 - A30899 NACG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CQ 930E-4 S/N A30905-A30908 & A30922-A30927 & A30944-A30947 & A30951 & A30953-A30954 & A30956-A30957 PING SHUO,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CR 930E-4 S/N A30949 CHUQUICAMATA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CS 930E-4 S/N A30959 & A30960 ANDINA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CT 930E-4 S/N A30961 - A30964 SPCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CU 930E-4 S/N A30965-A30966, A30974-A30975, A30980-A30981 & A30989 TECK - GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CV 930E-4 S/N A30967-A30969, A30976-A30979 & A30984 ANGLO PLATINUM,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CW 930E-4 S/N A30970-A30973, A30982-A30983, A30985-A30988, A30995-A30999 DOWNER EDI,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CX 930E-4 S/N A30980, A30992 - A30994 GIBRALTAR,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CY 930E-4 S/N A30990 & A30991 HYCROFT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-CZ 930E-4 S/N A31000 - A31001 CLOUD PEAK ENERGY & ANTELOPE,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-D 930E-4 S/N A30469 - A30471 & A30481 - A30483 LOS PELAMBRES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DA 930E-4 S/N A31002 - A31006 & A31019 CLOUD PEAK / ANTELOPE COAL,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DB 930E-4 S/N A31007 - A31010 JWANENG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DC 930E-4 S/N A31011, A31013 - A31014 & A31017 SHENHUA ZHUNGEER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DD 930E-4 S/N A31012 HYCROFT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DE 930E-4 S/N A31021, A31023, A31025-A31026, A31036, A31038, A31040-A31041 & A31054 JWANENG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DF 930E-4 S/N A31027 - A31029 & A31042 - A31046 SHENHUA / ZHUNGEER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DG 930E-4 S/N A31030 & A31047 LOS BRONCES,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DH 930E-4 S/N A31031 & A31048 IOCC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DJ 930E-4 S/N A31032 & A31034 HYCROFT,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DK 930E-4 S/N A31049, A31052, A31061, A31079-A31081 & A31102-A31103 TECK GREENHILLS,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DL 930E-4 S/N A31050 - A31051 PASCUA LAMA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DM 930E-4 S/N A31056, A31058 & A31060 JWANENG,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DN 930E-4 S/N A31062-65,74,76-78,86-87,90,92,94,104,106,108,110,112,123-124,126,128,133,142,144,146 & 148 SHENHUA ZHUNGEER,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DP 930E-4 S/N A31067, A31068, A31070 & A31072 PASCUA LAMA,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DQ 930E-4 S/N A31096 & A31136 IOC,MiningRigid Dump Trucks
AFE59-DR 930E-4 S/N A31114-A3

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