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دانلود رایگان نرم افزار Toyota Techstream V10.00.028

دانلود رایگان نرم افزار Toyota Techstream V10.00.028 کاملا کرک شده و آماده نصب جهت استفاده برای دستگاه های دیاگ تویوتا لکسس و سایکون . برای دانلود و دیدن لینک حتما در سایت عضو شوید.


Toyota Techstream 10.00.028 (2015) - The program for the diagnosis of electronic control units of the main systems of cars Toyota, Lexus, Scion. Connecting program with electronic vehicle systems for diagnosis, testing, and programming is done via PassThru J2534 compatible adapter. Program Toyota Techstream 10.00.028 (2015) You can install from scratch, or just update the installed version of the program. The program interface supports multiple languages, but to support the work in Russian is not available.

Toyota Techstream V10.00.028

Year / Date of Release: 2015
Version: 10.00.028
System requirements: PC with Windows, the software interface supports Techstream (Mongoose, miniVCI, MVCI, Openport 2.0, AVDI, CarDAQ etc.)
Language: Multilingual (Russian available)

for comfortable operation it is necessary to modify the following file:
Find've found IT3System.ini
It're looking for the following content:
; =====================================;
; Available Function Setting
; =====================================;
MinorFunction = 1
TISFunction = 1
UserFunction = 1

Change TISFunction = 1 TISFunction = 0